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Taking Online Surveys That Pay

Taking Surveys in South Africa that really pay has become a really good way of making an extra income from home or even in your spare time at work.

Whilst the term "paid surveys" has become an overhyped way of making tons of cash with many survey companies not living up to their promises, survey research remains a legitimate & scientific process of acquiring data from consumers like you & me.
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And this data, ie. the market research gathered from online survey takers is the lifeblood of many companies that they use to develop new products, improve services & to develop new strategies to be competitive in the market place.

These companies depend on the research provided by top rated market research companies like Nielsen Ratings - South Africa but also depend on the direct opinions of normal, everyday consumers that they gather via these online survey companies

Can You Get Rich Doing Surveys For Pay?

The simple answer to that is no & in my opinion taking surveys for pay is a way of supplementing your income & making some nice extra cash.

The amount you take could vary from around R30 to R250 ($5 to $35) per survey completed which could take only 5 to 10 minutes of your time depending on the length of the survey & the speed with which you answer all of the questions.

In addition to the money you make for taking these surveys you could also get rewards & benefits in the form of free meals & entertainment as well as things like test driving nice cars and so on.

So whilst taking surveys won't be your fast road to extreme wealth it may certainly be a way to generate a well needed extra income to help pay the bills.

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In addition to the pay for survey work there are also focus groups that you can participate in that pay a really decent hourly rate as well the opportunity of testing products which you can usually reveiw & get to keep depending on the supplier.

Finally, as mentioned previously, there are some survey companies that have promised their survey takers unspeakable wealth but haven't been able to provide enough paid surveys to make even a meagre income...

...this is why Paid Surveys is different because they have direct relationships with hundreds of the top research companies all over the world who have partnered with them to help find consumers of products & services, from all over the world, to start taking paid surveys right away.

Lastly, whilst the getting paid for doing online surveys market has really become an over-hyped way of making a living from home, just remember that the gathering of accurate market research by enlisting the services of reliable survey takers will always be a legitimate way to generate an extra income for ordinary folk like you and me.
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