How To Make Money From Home In South Africa

Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities South Africa

How To Make Money From Home In South Africa

Wondering How To Make Money From Home In South Africa?

If you’re wondering how to make money from home in South Africa, here are some fantastic, legitimate work from home opportunities for you to get stuck into.

Who needs a boss when you can easily discover how to make money from home in South Africa & get equipped to start a successful legitimate home business.

With all the ways on how to make money from home in South Africa it’s strange that more people don’t take advantage of it and start their lucrative own home business operations which could be so much more financially rewarding than an office job.

5 Legitimate Work From Home Ideas To Choose From

1. Become a Search Engine Quality Rater is contracted to Google to measure the quality of their SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) to ensure that the results that come up for certain keywords are relevant & provide the best user experience.

Being a search engine quality rater you would be given keywords to input & provide feedback as to the results you get for those keywords & search terms.

This job would typically pay around $10.00 per hour.

For more info & to apply at Leapforce, go here »

If Leapforce isn’t available in your area here are 2 other sources for this sort of work from job;

2. Get Paid For Tutoring offers online tutoring opportunities for you to earn money as a tutor without any signup fees.

The great thing with tutoring, apart from earning a decent income, is that you can dictate your own hours of work by setting a schedule that is convenient for you.

3. Get Paid For Doing Surveys & Other Tasks Online is a survey company that will pay you really good money for taking surveys, watching You Tube videos and other things.

Below are some of the examples of the tasks you could get to do & the amounts you’ll get paid for doing them from the comfort of your home in South Africa

Make Money From Home In SA By Doing Online Surveys

Above Are Some Of the Online Surveys & Other Tasks You Could Do & Get Paid For From Home In South Africa

Unfortunately there is a signup fee for this home opportunity but you’ll probably recoup it in payments the same day

4. Get Paid For Writing eBooks, Blogs, Web Copy hires writers all over the world to write all sorts of things for pay.

To get an idea of how much you could get paid for what you write, here’s their pricing list

There’s no signup fee & you can signup here but you will need to take a writing test of some sort & submit some examples of your writing work.

Or you can sign up with Writing Jobs Online (for a fee) where you will probably get far better rates for writing short articles, etc.

Freelance Writing Opportunity From Home In South Africa

Examples Of Freelance Writing Jobs You Could Do From Home In South Africa

Not sure? Start their 7 day trial to see whether it’s for you »

Make Money From Home As a Freelance Photographer

Make Money From Home As a Freelance Photographer

5. Get Paid As a Freelance Photographer

Photography Jobs Online offers fantastic photographic assignments that you can submit online & get paid for.

Unfortunately there is a signup fee but if you’re into photography it is a great way to turn your hobby into a profitable work-at-home business

Out of the many viable home businesses, an online home business has so many benefits over the conventional bricks and mortar business, that it deserves special mention here.

More Ideas To Make Money With Work-At-Home-Jobs

If you have certain skills or qualifications these are some more ideas you could use to make money by working from home

Make Money From Home As a Web Developer

Make Money From Home As a Web Developer

  1. Web Designer/Web Developer – web developers & web designers are in huge demand for anyone who has the skills.
    The following sites can help you with getting a job in these fields & others:, &
  2. Graphic Design – if you’re a qualified graphic designer this is a great work-at-home-job for you
  3. Bookkeeper or Accountant – for qualified bookkeepers & accountants doing books for people & companies from home can be quite a lucrative job – full time or part time
  4. Author/Magazine Writer – writing eBooks or just magazine articles is another lucrative home job which could pay in the region of $50 – $1000 per magazine article depending on the type of article & expertise required
  5. Blogger – you could earn between $20 – $300 per blog post depending on the length, technical aspects, skill level & authority component

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