Affiliate Marketing South Africa

Affiliate Marketing South Africa

Affiliate Marketing Could Provide You With a More Than Healthy Income

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing South Africa provides an excellent opportunity for anyone to generate a more than healthy income online.

Interested? Then read this guide as to what is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing in South Africa is a totally viable way for any South African to successfully make money online without much investment or risk.

On this page you will find everything that you will need to start and develop a legitimate, sustainable online affiliate marketing business.

5 Step Guide To Setting Up Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Basically, this is how it works…

1. Affiliates – Products and Services

Firstly decide on a niche market for your affiliate marketing venture.

For instance if your hobby is photography you would track down photographic sites & businesses on the internet and check whether they have affiliate programs – usually in small print at the bottom of the page.

Once you have chosen the companies you want to represent you sign up with them as an affiliate. This is usually free as they are only too happy paying people commissions to sell their products.

The merchants you join will give you an affiliate ID that would be used in links etc so that if a purchase is made through your link you will be credited with the sale/commission.

I recommend signing up (for free and without hassle) with the ShareASale Affiliate Program which is an extremely popular with affiliate network as they offer a vast range of products and services to promote with great affiliate tools & resources.

Sign Up With the ShareASale Affiliate Network Program Here »

2. Internet Marketing – Google Adwords

Internet Marketing With Adwords

Internet Marketing With An Adwords Campaign Can Make You Truckloads Of Cash Very Quickly

The next step is to decide how you are going to advertise and sell your chosen products

You could market just one product but it is probably better not to have all your eggs in one basket.

Taking the example above you could market cameras, film, image software (eg photoshop) etc whilst still staying within your niche market.

Once again it is recommended that you set up a Google Adwords account so you can drive highly targeted traffic to your site or blog with well structured PPC campaigns.

This will enable you to not only create & drive huge amounts of traffic to your chosen Clickbank products, but to make sure that a high percentage of that traffic actually converts, ie buys something which will allow you to generate a commission.

However, you don’t necessarily need a website as you could market products by effective use of an adwords or pay-per-click campaign that would direct traffic directly to your merchants’ sites and products by using a Google Adwords campaign as above.

This is a popular and extremely powerful marketing tool as it will drive far more traffic directly to your merchants’ sites in a short space of time (ie immediately) than your own website may ever do.

In fact, with your own site, it could take ages to get any semblance of traffic and then no guarantees that your visitors will click through to your affiliate sites

Therefore your best strategy would be to short cut the process and learn how to profit with Google Adwords campaigns…it’s an affiliate marketers dream!

3. Establishing a Web Presence

How To Establish An Online Web Presence

How To Establish An Online Web Presence

To market your products online you would probably need to design and host your own website.

You should register a domain name as soon as possible. It’s not a big outlay and you can register as many low cost domain names as you like here.

For web hosting it is imperative that you choose a reputable and reliable hosting company like which is not only a reliable web host but they offer a package whereby you can have unlimited hosting (to host as many domains & sites as you like) for just $5.95 a month.

They also offer a free site builder amoungst many other value added services.

Sign Up For Unlimited Webhosting With Here »

4. Social Networking

With the power of social media you cannot neglect the power of a good social media marketing plan.

The amount of quality traffic you can generate from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc is immense.

5. The Power of E-mail Marketing

Email marketing made easy.

Want to get an email marketing
campaign up and running in minutes?
AWeber can help.

Powered by AWeber

Every successful affiliate will tell you that the money is in the list. It is therefore imperative to build a list by harnessing your site visitors’ email details so that you can mail them newsletters, special offers and so on.

Furthermore, you can bet that the affiliates making the most money are those with the biggest lists but to achieve this you need software that will automate the whole process for you.

This process not only involves the capturing of your clients’ details and mailing them a confirmation email but also sending them pre=designed email sales letters or courses that persuade your client to make a purchase.

It is therefore probably the most important investment that you make for your online business and in this regard AWeber is arguably the best email package that has all the features you’ll need as well as being the one that most of the top and most successful internet marketers use.

Want To Make $5000 a Week Like a Super Affiliate?

Become a Super Affiliate & Earn $5000 a Week

Become a Super Affiliate & Earn $5000 a Week

Finally, some affiliates are making insane amounts of money every month on autopilot.

However, my guess is that most affiliates are struggling to make just one sale a month.

In fact many give up without ever even having made a sale at all which is such a pity when there are so many really effective ways to make vast amounts as an affiliate marketer online.

Don’t be that affiliate who gives up, especially when this system to earn really big money is at your fingertips…

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